Have you met her?
The girl in the White Room.

People say that she’s crazy. Talking to herself all day and screaming at the walls at night. She insists that she’s normal but everyone knows she’s not. There’s just something in her eyes. It burns amber. Her stares penetrate deep into your soul. It’s like she knows your deepest secrets without the words leaving your lips. She laughs at the ceiling even though nothing is there. Perhaps she sees things that others cannot with the naked eye. When slumber finally befalls her, the nightmares become a terror in the darkness. Cold sweat and trembling lips, she jolts awake and roams the four walls that she is trapped in.

It’s the loneliness. It made her this way.

The people in the white coats – they observe her. From the safety of their screens. Some are daring enough to be on the other side of the two-way mirror, which she sometimes runs towards and punches in frustration. She wants to be let out. But the only way to escape is upwards, and there is no path that leads her to the sky.

She’s the girl seeking asylum in the White Room.
And nobody can save her now.

Wardrobe and styling: Denise Lee
Makeup by: Ingrid Ng
Props and photography by: Emma Khoo

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