No, it’s not Mothers’ Day nor is it her birthday. But just for tonight, I need to appreciate the woman that is my mother. As I’m writing this, she is busy preparing nasi lemak downstairs at 10pm just to feed my family of five and also her very lucky friends, with whom she will enjoy fellowship tomorrow. A bunch of mature but strong women who love food and God, what’s not to love eh?

My mother, or “mummy” as I affectionately call her is the strongest woman I know. Sure she’s the oldest of four siblings but I am nothing like her. She’s not little miss bossy, and she is definitely not a drama queen – unlike me. My mum is always enduring all the bullshit thrown her way with utmost poise and patience. She stopped working after my brother Derek was born just so that she could give us a comfortable home and upbringing to the best of her ability. She doesn’t wear makeup because she doesn’t know how to but she yet beams such radiance that I cannot even fathom. She does most of the housework, cooks delicious and wholesome meals, takes care of my dad who is not very well, and yet does not complain even once. If that isn’t a superhero, I don’t know what is.

When she goes on holiday, all she thinks about is us. My mum always buys more underwear than we need but it’s just her way to say that she loves us. She shows her love through the little things – the soy sauce pork that I can eat almost every day; the prayers she says for each of us daily; the times she would text me just to check if I arrived safely at work.

Through all my 24 years of life, my mum has been my constant. I don’t know how she got through those terrible years of rebellion as a teenager but she did it. During my years in the UK, I would cry before my law exams in absolute terror of failing and I know it broke her heart to see me sob the way I did but she would always listen. Even if it took 3 hours to calm me down the night before my Equity and Trusts paper. Call it what you like but she has a mother’s intuition. The night my ex-boyfriend broke up with me, she came into my room without me even telling her a thing and she just held me without saying a word. When I finally calmed down, all she said was, “I love you, dad loves you, your brothers love you and most importantly, God loves you. That’s all the love you need. God has something better for you. Trust me.”

She was right.

We’ve come a long way since my diaper days. And I can honestly say that my mum is one of my best friends. We enjoy shopping together, eating together, but mostly we like to bask in each other’s company. I could talk to her for hours.

I love how she loves my family. I love how her faith in God has inspired me to build my foundation in Him. I love how she loves so sacrificially. I love how patient and kind she is. A mother’s love really is special.

But tonight, her love comes in the form of a home cooked meal, waiting in my lunch bag for me to enjoy at work tomorrow.

I love you, mummy.