Can you hear it?
The sound of raindrops beating against the window panes.

There’s a storm raging outside, and the wind is howling. As trees are being stripped of their branches and the crickets lose their voice, terror screams louder than a lion’s roar. Relentless. Brutal. Ghastly.

But all is calm inside.
The air is still. And silence fills the rooms. Is everything as it seems?

She hears the voices. They are trying to tear her apart.

“Not good enough,” they said.
“You are a broken,” they said.
“Failure,” they said.
“Just give up,” they said.

“No. I am stronger than this. I will overcome,” she whispered.

Her faith is not dependent on the words of man, but on the love of a higher being. Is it God? Or is it more than that? Such intimacy, like that of a father and his child. She does not fear. She does not doubt. She does not allow panic to possess her soul.

“I trust You because You are who You say You are,” she whispered again.

Her name is Serenity. And her Lord has given her peace.

Wardrobe: Chin Zhie Lynn
Styling by: Saerah Ridzuan and Chin Zhie Lynn
Photography by: Jeremy Choy


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