Photo by Aleksei Ieshkin on Unsplash

The last year and a half has been a trying time for all of us. An emotional rollercoaster that cannot be described with words. The days are long, seemingly stretching on with no end in sight. It’s been to just survive. We’ve suffered losses — big and small. With all that’s happening, there’s no time to process the pain and to grieve. Bad news after bad news, our minds are plagued with the reality of suffering and unspoken anxiety.

Every time we open news portals, there is a looming darkness that can’t be described. So many have lost their jobs. Parents are unable to care for their children. Every day we are plagued with stories of people suffering and people giving up on life. The gravity of it all has created a void of hopelessness.

But you’re still needed here.

If You Stay is the latest single by my amazingly talented producer friend, Francis Cobb, also known as ISTHMUS. The music was co-written with Steve Lam and co-produced with Failed Desires. Sending a message of hope, the lyrics were written and sung by American singer, Auslin.

When I first listened to If You Stay, I knew that this song was so needed in a time like this. May this song fill you with renewed hope and faith that things will get better. I know that at times, the road may seem lonely but that cannot be farther from the truth. You are never truly alone if you allow yourself to be found. When life overwhelms you, remember to take one step forward; one deep breath in and out. If you stay, you will be okay.

Personally, this song really resonated with me because it reminded me of an incident that happened during the darkest season of my life. I found myself at a crossroads one night. The trauma from my past left me so broken. For the first time in my life, I was going through PTSD and experienced panic attacks. My anxiety was through the roof. I never felt more helpless and alone. I wondered how much better it would be if the pain just ended there and then. That night I wrestled with my thoughts and I felt God tug on my heartstrings. He told me that it would be so much better for me to stay. Because I’ve made it through that, I’m telling you today, try again. One more time. You are loved and you are needed here. The world would be so much better if you stay. So stay.

If You Stay is now available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music.

Produced by: ISTHMUS
Co-produced with: Failed Desires
Lyrics & Performance by: Auslin
Music Co-written by: Steve Lam
Mix & Mastered by: BOS
Official Audio Video: Brian Chia
Album Art: Anna Leong