Before we begin, an English lesson because “chips” in the UK is equivalent of “fries” in America. And since I studied in the UK, we shall from henceforth, refer to the potato snack as “crisps” and fries as “chips”. Are we confused yet? Okay, good.

very thin slices of potato fried and eaten cold as a snack

Growing up, I’ve never been a big fan of crisps. I really disliked the stale taste of the potato once the salt has melted on my taste buds. Even during my time in the UK, where consuming crisps is a way of life, I did not budge. Every single one I tried was a gross as ever. Ever heard of prawn cocktail flavour? Yeah, just don’t do it.

Until one fine day, when I ate Sunbites. Now, I understand that a multigrain crisp is not technically a type of crisp because it’s not made with potato. We shall just stick to the technicalities of the snack for simplicity’s sake. Also, sweet chilli in a western country sounds like a terrible idea but it works!

Many days have been spent dipping these crisps into my favourite sour cream and chive dips from Marks & Spencer. Suffice to say, on days that I need a quick rumbling tummy fix, this comes to mind. The day I left the UK on that balmy August day in 2015, I knew that the multipack bag I bought at Tesco would be extremely precious. These days, Sunbites are a rare treat that my best friend brings to me as a gift during her trips home.

Nothing is sweeter than my sweet chilli Sunbites.

The final two packets are being treated like Lords right now in my room and will only be eaten when absolutely necessary.