Credits: Nicole Lim @ jesuistigerlily

There is no reason to be sad. He was never mine to begin with.

They say that if a person is meant to be yours, then they will be yours. But who decides that? The sun? The moon? The stars? God?

It is destiny if he chooses to love me. It is fate. It is God’s plan. But we will never know such love because it ended before it could even begin. That’s how life plays out though. Answers are sometimes found in most obscure places but more often than not, everything else remains a mystery. It is something that I will have to live with, otherwise, I might go mad. Maybe it was always written in the stars that we are meant to be apart.

What I would do to have had the pleasure of calling you mine. To make you laugh with my silly jokes. To call you affectionately by your name. To kiss you softly as though you were porcelain. To love you with passion believing that what we have is unbreakable.

You are not mine.
And you never will be.