Credits: Nicole Lim @ jesuistigerlily

When everything felt like it was falling apart at the beginning of the year, I told myself one thing – that I would not give up and that I would not give Him up. Even when I felt so alone and hopeless, I knew that His plans were far greater than I could ever imagine. And that is because I knew that giving up on my faith was not going to solve anything; because I thought to myself, “How can I ever deny the existence of something SOMEONE that I know exists?”

And then His goodness came through.

Week after week, I watched Him turn my world around. And day by day, I can feel my heart becoming whole again. Although there have been days when I felt like I could never pick myself up, He sent angels to speak into my life. Though it was difficult, I learned to worship once more. Even in the depths of my pain, I found my way back to Him.

At a point in time, I thought that I would never be complete without the love I was given by him. Yet God reminded me that in His love, everything is made whole.

I know your past is broken
You can move on it’s over now
Here in the presence of the Lord

You have blown me away with Your love.
I must have been insane to have thought that I never quite needed You.