Credits: Nick Wong @ the.nickoftime

She lets you into this secret world behind her thoughts. She allows you to peep into the realm she created with words. She brings you on this journey of pen and paper, of screens and keyboards, of light and love. She understands the necessity of expressing beauty with pain for without one, the other ceases to exist. She sees you as the protagonist of her anecdote, the inspiration of her imagination. She is drawn to you like how waves obsessively hit the shore. She writes to you, and she writes about you because at 3 am on a rainy night, you lit the spark in her.

Capturing the moment of the first time your eyes met; the time you kissed her gently on the lips; the moment you saw her stark naked skeleton as she bares her soul to you in twilight.

There is an infinite capacity for a writer to love you. She will encapsulate your soul in her work. You will be remembered through the ages of time because like how Romeo loved Juliet, there is never really a goodbye. Forever, like eternity, her words keep on living. Even long after you’ve both gone to ashes, the memory of you will be painted on her canvas of mindless letters.

Oh darling, you will always be written in the stars of her heart.

Only because she loved you through her pages.