Now, the word ‘diet’ (as in eating less to lose weight) does not exist in my vocabulary. In fact, the last time I thoroughly enjoyed a salad was when I lived next to Sandra – my best friend, who is part rabbit. She basically chucked a bag of greens together with some soft pears, avocado, roast chicken, and dressing. It was scrummy. I, on the other hand, have no talent in making salads, resulting in horrifying gross morsels of just green, and a bottle’s worth of sesame dressing to kill the taste of what resembles grass. HAHA!

Anyway, I digress. What I was meant to say is although I am not one for being much of a sweet tooth, I do enjoy my brownies. Like, if I see a brownie, I would get really excited and my level of self-control dwindles down to screaming and stomping my feet on the floor like a child – warmed in the oven and served with a liberal amount of delicious french vanilla ice-cream, thank you very much. Yum. But I’m not here today to talk about brownies. Oh, no mister.

I am here to talk about Orion’s Gosomi (오리온 고소미) – the most delicious sesame crackers I have ever tasted in my life. No exaggeration intended. I bought it as a snack and didn’t expect it to blow me away. Imagine my surprise when I took out this small innocent box in the KTX from Busan to Seoul and thought, “Meh, cookie. It’s just a cookie.”

It’s not just a cookie. I repeat, it’s not just a cookie!

It was amazement, tingle your taste buds, flips table, and run around in circles, I’m so freaking excited about this cookie kind of cookie. Each crunch is like music to my ears. And every time it hits my palette, my senses come alive. The taste. Oh, the wonderful taste! The fragrant sesame – so good, so buttery!

I know, how is it even remotely possible to be so obsessed about a cookie?