Some days, you stay awake thinking about how hopeless life is and how nothing in your situation is going to change. On other days, you just keep sleeping, like a drug, because you are numb, and feeling is hard. There is nothing worse than feeling lost and hopeless. Your thoughts rule your entire being. You can’t get out because you’re trapped in a cave of darkness, and you can barely see the light.

The art of worry is easy. You just have to let yourself fall and not pick yourself back up. You just have to believe the lies in your head that tell you that your life will never get better, and that you’ll never be good enough. You just have to let negativity encompass your whole being.

There is a war inside of you that rages like a fire that licks everything in its path – absolutely relentless – or like a wave that rises up high and engulfs you, choking your breath. No matter how much they say it, nobody quite understands your struggle. You’re on your own.

But you fight. You pick up the broken pieces and you fight. You fight hard, as relentless as the raging fire, as merciless as the crashing waves. When the darkness surrounds you, and refuses to let you go, you push harder. You cannot give up because you only get one chance. You cannot give up because you know you’re stronger than the demons in your head.

You fight. Even when you feel alone.

But hey, you don’t fight alone. You fight with the Spirit that is in you. You fight with the One who fights for you. You fight with the One who loves you – perfectly and completely. You fight with the One who has already won every battle and every war there ever was and is to come. You fight with the One who conquered death. You fight the One who was dead but now is living.

In my weakness, You are the strength that comes from within.

The art of worry is easy. But you fight. Because you’ve already won; because you are a conqueror. Because He fights alongside you.

Thank You, for all You’ve done for me.