You always find love in the most unexpected places.

And that, is how I found you.

Ours is an unconventional love – unromantic and unflowery – not how I expected love to be. You don’t believe in big romantic gestures and you don’t buy me flowers. We spend our weekends at home, mostly being lazy. But that’s okay.

It’s okay because you tell me I’m beautiful even with no make up on. It’s okay because you have seen me ugly cry and still tell me everything is going to be fine. It’s okay because we’re comfortable just being in our pyjamas all day, watching random variety shows and laughing out loud till we shit our pants (not literally of course). It’s okay because we always talk things out instead of fight. It’s okay because you always insist on helping me even when I am fully capable of handling things myself. It’s okay because you love me unconditionally and sacrificially. It’s okay because you accept me for who I am – weird, quirky and all.

You make me strive to be a better person. And that is how love should be.