I drafted a different post for today – something more upbeat – but the truth is, that’s not how I’m feeling right now. I’d rather write something that I can look back on and say, “Hmm, I grew a lot since then”. So here it goes.

Turning a year older today, and I don’t quite know how that makes me feel. Birthdays have become very mundane to me, and celebrating them in a big way is very cliché.

I suppose that this year is different for me. Not because it’s any more special than my previous birthdays (I’ve had some really good ones) but because I feel overwhelmed. I’ve experienced so many changes in the last six months since coming back from the UK, and honestly, being back home has not been the easiest. I’ve had to face some pretty shit challenges. But that’s what they call growing up right?

Despite feeling a little low, I am grateful because I have a good God, a great family, an amazing person who loves me, the best friend in the world (although she’s 6000 miles away in the city I love, that is London) and all the little blessings in my life.

Here I am now. Twenty three. Still as clueless about life as ever and wishes that exercise could be done while asleep. I’ll figure it all out eventually, and I’ll learn to care about the small stuff less. At the end of day, it’s the things that mean most to you that counts right?

Thank you for all the wishes – whether sent via text or Facebook, and for the phone calls. I’ll try to have a happy birthday. Until then, I will just sleep through this one and enjoy a cheeky Nandos for dinner because nothing says comfort food like a peri-peri chicken with a side of corn. Hah.