They say that when something is not meant to be, it just does not happen. No matter how hard we try.

She loved him even when everyone told her not to, even when deep inside she knew that this was going to be disastrous. He knew of her love but chose to keep silent. Two people feigning ignorance – one to ignore the truth and the other out of selfish intentions.

You are a great friend, and I hope that this doesn’t affect our friendship. I’m sorry to have hurt you.

That was what he said to her, after a year of total silence.¬†Ironic that they were never truly friends to begin with. The whole thing was deafening, insincere and extremely rude. She felt like the stupidest girl in the world for letting someone like him have her heart when he didn’t even bother to pick it up from the ground.

But although it hurt, she didn’t cry. There was no point in grieving losing someone like him. No tear should be wasted for someone so cruel. After all, he never loved her, and he never will.