Your heart said yes but your head said no. And despite everyone telling you that he was bad for you, you still wanted him. The advice that you receive, often falls on deaf ears. It isn’t a matter of whether he should be allowed in your life or not. The point is that, he is the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden and so stupidly, like Eve, you take a bite. It tastes sweet, and reminds you of everything beautiful – but soon, it takes you on the road to self-destruction.

And in an instant, your heart starts to overpower the thoughts in your head. You do the illogical thing – you let yourself love him. You don’t need to, and you shouldn’t but you want to.

What is incomprehensible to everyone around you, is precisely the fact that you actually bother to let yourself toy with the idea of being his saviour. You allow his recklessness and self-importance to be the reason of your attempt to save him.

But he cannot be fixed.

Human beings are not tangible objects. It’s not like fixing a loose screw. We are complicated creatures, and we all have the demons that we hide.

As hard as you try, you cannot and will not ever fix him. You can jump in front of a bus for him, but all you’ll end up with is disappointment (and that is if you’re not dead yet). This has nothing to do with men being “unfixable” creatures because no one can ever necessarily be fixed. Not even you.

But in the end, nobody’s opinion really matters. You decide what to do with the love that you possess. You can choose to give it to him or you can choose to withhold that love. But your heart is weak, and extremely fragile. You shouldn’t give it to someone who cannot protect it. More so if they don’t want it.

And I will try to fix you.

Try and try again. But she couldn’t fix you.