Photo by Oliver Cole on Unsplash

You made my heart race – the kind that leaves a person breathless. Everything within me quivered at the sound of your name. It took me a second to take it all in. The fact that you were, in fact, in front of me. From across the table, I could smell the scent of your cologne; I could see the caverns of your face; I could almost hear the beating of your soul.

You sent shivers up my spine. Like porcelain, your touch was firm but gentle. It is as though God had decided that your manly bravado needed some warmth. So He gave you a delicate, soft spirit. Even the small scar on the tip of your right brow was mild. Nothing about you seemed forced, it was all just effortless – even in the way you ran your fingers through your hair.

All of it was you, and it was perfect.
You were flawless.