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Clinging on to whatever fragments that are left from a broken heart sounds like a normal thing to do. Even I am guilty of it. Leaving traces of our past on Facebook, allowing ourselves to still be “friends” with people who have left us damaged and torn, secretly checking up on them from time to time thinking that no one is watching. It chokes you. Perhaps not in a manic way, but slowly, like drops of water filling your lungs.

Over the last few months, I’ve been healing well and on the road to being whole again but here’s my confession. I occasionally do my own little “check-ups” because human beings are inherently nosey by nature. We want to know just because – even if it does not in any way benefit us. While I am happy, doing this prevented me from wholly embracing life’s joy.

So God gave me the strength and the courage to remove the final remnants. I blocked my ex from every social media account that we are connected on, removed any traces of him on my social media. Seems very trivial and petty but it felt right. I knew that it was something I had to do and I have never felt freer.

That said, everything ever written on THEMISSNISE will be left as is. Mainly because there are too many posts to go over and I’m too lazy. But I would like those stories to act as a reminder for me and for anyone who visits my blog that there is a life after the end of a relationship. That you can be whole again. That God can heal you. That you really don’t have to do this alone.

It may take you weeks or months to get there but let me assure you that when you reach that point, you’ll never want to turn back. Everything is bright ahead and there is no fear. Just excitement for what is to come in life. God is good. He will see you through just as He has for me.


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  • Kim choo

    Yes God is with us. He holds you up. Remain faithful and trust Him.
    Bless you Denise with His bountiful blessings.

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