As 2015 is coming to a close, I am once again left in this state of wonder and shock at how time has flown by so quickly in a span of the last 365 days.

It’s funny how much people and things can change in just 12 months. It’s funny how I can change in just 12 months. Time does that to you.

To be honest, the last year was not easy but despite the minor setbacks, 2015 has actually been quite kind to me. I have grown in ways that I never would have imagined and stepped out to do things that I never knew I could do.

So, in all the chaos, I actually graduated from law school without losing my mind (at least, not in its entirety). Then, I suffered through reverse culture shock when I got back from the UK (and yes, it is an actual thing). I also found a job that I actually really like, which is nothing law-related, much to the dismay of my family. HAHA! And I found love, which is funny because I decided that I was not going to really bother looking for it this year. I guess it is true, when they say that you should just be patient and let love come to you.

But despite all the good, the bad, and the ugly, my constant has always been the One who watches over me and over my life. And although the last 5 months of being home has been amazing and challenging at the same time, I know that the year ahead can only get better. After all, He who has seen me through all these 22 years is going to keep seeing me through for the rest of my existence. I consider myself a lucky one – to love and be loved by a God whose heart is always beating for mine.

Thank you 2015, you have been great. Not always but great nonetheless.

Bring on the new year! It’s going to be a wild ride!