We won’t speak anymore. And we won’t send pictures of our day. We will cease to exist in each other’s lives. We will just be another person added to the list of many.

I fear the day that this happens.

The day that I stop thinking of you.

The day I meet someone new.

The day you become just another distant memory.

You were not everything but you still were significant. I thought of you constantly, like a routine, and that made me temporarily complete. But there were days I cried myself to sleep because you were nothing more than just a wish. Those days were difficult, painful. At times, it felt like I could hardly breathe.

Love is not meant to be something to cling on to, and yet, it is not something to easily let go of. You were special, little beautiful. And I wish that you had reciprocated the love I had for you.

I’m sorry for all this. I’m sorry for not letting you go.

Now, you go. You go and walk the streets of London, but give me back my heart.