A circle around town, walking past places that remind me of a time now gone. Searching through every alley way, and wide eyes gawking at every face that passes by. There is a sense of calm in the atmosphere but my heart thumps inside my chest. So violently that I feel like a caged prisoner in my own body.

There is no longer a sense of stability nor clarity in my mind that I once thought there. Muddled thoughts have been a comfort for the last 2 weeks, accompanied by lucid dreams of things that I want but cannot have. A heart, once broken, cannot be easily mended and healed. The usual 365-process of recovery that I endure is now an ineffective remedy. One person has managed to take all of me without realising the impact that it has had on my already fragile heart.

The longing has lasted far longer than I anticipated despite our lack of contact and communication. It comes and goes in bouts. My emotions.

And so I wander through the city streets of Sheffield – a place that holds my memories, and ironically now, my heart.

Just to catch a last glimpse of you.