As my final week of university is upon me, I have come to realise a few things. First, is that I have never been more certain that God has been my constant source of strength in this life and looking back, I am able to testify of His goodness in my life. Second, I am making the right decision to go home to Malaysia because I felt His peace when I made that decision. And third, that everything will be alright.

Every week I am tested and tried to a point where I feel like I can no longer carry on. But every Sunday I force myself to wake up to go to church and He never fails to grant me the courage, fortitude and determination to keep going. He has been enough and will always be enough. Though I fear, I know that He is always on my side.

This final week is difficult for many reasons. My final paper requires me to remember too many things that is beyond possible for a normal person’s brain capacity. But I will overcome because I fight a fight from a place of victory.

There is nothing that my God cannot do.