Photo by Blake Cheek on Unsplash

For a while now I’ve wondered about what you’re like. I’ve been wanting to put a face to the only description I have of you – that just like me, you love Japan. But that is where our similarities and differences start and end. It never occurred to me that not knowing these things would be better than well, knowing. They say that ignorance is bliss but I’ve never been the kind to let things go.

I don’t know how I did it but I found out who you were. I was able to put a face and a name to this elusive person that would not leave my mind. I wanted to know you because at some point in time, you were the light in his life. You were the girl that captivated his soul. You were the one who held his fragile heart in your hands.

But you let him go.

You let him go because, despite everything, your heart already belonged to someone else. You let him go for another boy that broke your heart before but you allowed back into your life. You let him go and that is your loss. Not that I’m complaining because he now belongs to me.

Unlike you, I will fight fiercely for him. I will love him unconditionally. I will make him my priority. I will live this life alongside him. I will journey through the highs and lows holding his hand all the way. I will never leave because I know how precious a gem he is.

And when we’re old and grey, your face will be nothing but a fog in the distance. You’re not worth the emotional investment because you are nobody. You will merely be the girl who let him go.

But if I had one thing to say to you. It would be this:
To the girl who let him go, I’m thanking you. Because your mistake is now my greatest treasure and joy.