Photo by Jakub Kapusnak on Unsplash

After spending 2018 being relatively healthy – period cramps being the only exception – I have somehow managed to fall sick twice in two months because maybe my body has just had enough with the stress or whatever it decided to be done with.

I had plans to get work done this week so to say that getting food poisoning at the beginning of the week is a nuisance would definitely be an understatement. You see, I’m a planner and I hate shifting my schedule around because it causes me inconvenience. It’s like I have an ideal situation in my head which should not change for anything or anyone. Call it rigid or what you like but I very rarely budge from my decisions.

After just coming back from Tokyo, I had some catching up to do with friends so we decided to have dinner at Shin Nihon because no one can have too much Japanese food right? Wrong. Because I spent the entirety of last night puking my guts out and even the slightest movements would trigger my gag reflex (sorry, TMI). I hardly slept and was completely exhausted but still stubbornly tried to handle things myself instead of calling my mum. Stupid move, I know. So now here I am retelling this tragic story from my hospital bed since I had to be admitted due to dehydration. Awesome.

My roommate, a lady from Africa, has refused to sleep since I came in at 10am. She has been incessantly playing loud videos and making phone calls every 15 minutes like a lunatic who isn’t sick. She has been calling the nurse in every half an hour to complain about why she isn’t allowed to be discharged. From their conversations, I am assuming that she has dengue but apparently, her low palette count is a hindrance to her getting discharged and so the doctor “needs to solve this immediately”. Has anyone explained to her how dengue works? Cause I think she is confused and kicking up a fuss while I just want peace and quiet so that I can sleep. What is my fate seriously?

Anyway, there is somewhat of a silver lining in all of this. While I no longer live in Subang, here I am in SJMC, the hospital I was born in and spent many hours in to meet my paediatrician, Doctor Khoo, when I was sick as a child. The first time I got admitted I was 4-years-old and had a high fever because I missed my dad who was working in Africa (dramatic alert). I genuinely thought my hospital room was a hotel room so when the nurse came in to inject my buttocks, I got a huge wake-up call that hospitals are most definitely not hotels (lol). This is my second time getting admitted in my life and my first time getting stabbed for drips. It really made me rethink my life choices of having a child in the future (just kidding).

What exactly caused the food poisoning? I don’t know. My friends were fine after dinner and the only thing I ate that was different was some onions that were on the side as a garnish for the meat. Or could it have been the raw egg yolk in that beef tartare? Either way, I am now more convinced than ever that my policy of not eating raw food outside of Japan stands true. Yes, you heard that right – I have never had sashimi or raw eggs outside of Japan ever in my life. Not even once because I just DO NOT trust food safety in Malaysia.

So that’s my weekly update folks. Hope everyone else managed to actually be productive this week instead of laying in bed all day and feeling like shit.