Credits: Nicole Lim @ jesuistigerlily

In July 2011, my grandfather passed away. And in the chaos of it all, I chose to study law. That one decision has changed the course of my life forever. If I had not gone to Sheffield, I doubt my life would be where it is today because everything was linked since 5 years ago. From attending Hope City where I eventually met Jae all the way in KL to knowing mutual friends in university that got me my job. Heck, I would never have met my best friend and soul sister, Sandra if I had done something else. As much as I despise law, it did bring me some perks – although the tears shed during exam season was most definitely not one of them.

Here I am now, July of 2016 and just amazed at how different things were just a year ago. I was graduating from university and ready to start my life back home. Everything seemed so surreal and foreign at that time. It was a time of uncertainty and a time of adventure. I told myself last May, when I started this blog, that I wanted to write again. Looking back now, I am so grateful for the each opportunity handed to me – for God, for my family, for my close friends, and for Jae just guiding me and holding my hand through the insanity of it all.

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

Sometimes, you just have to be brave and go with the flow and tell yourself that everything will be alright. A lot of people told me that, and well, they weren’t wrong.