Credits: Jeremy Choy @ bboyrice

She was a relatively active child, who danced for anyone willing to be a spectator. She enjoyed the limelight. Being the centre of attention was a norm to her – after all, she was the oldest and a prized grandchild. She was loved.

But all that changed when she first experienced the brutality of rejection.

This is the world, you see, and sometimes, you can never be good enough for everyone. There will be times when you can never please every single person in your life. The reality is, you will sometimes be a disappointment. And it’s okay. Because you cannot please everyone.

She has discovered this now. Through the ups and the downs of living. She’s found her quirk. She’s found her tempo. She’s found herself. She loves it!

So there she goes, dancing in public again. Because the opinion of others never bothered her anyway.

Or did it?

Nope. Not there.