It’s currently 3 in the morning and I really should be sleeping. But I’ve just finished watching Leap Year, which has left me in a state of euphoria. I’m crazy, I know.

I’ve seen it once, but I wonder why I haven’t watched it more. I mean, I have to watch The Holiday at least twice a year (once during Christmas season), making it my favourite movie of all time. I think Leap Year may come in a very close second after tonight. And I am glad that I bothered to have a late night movie treat.

What is it about all these romantic comedies?

Nobody ever really believes them to be true, what more for them to actually happen in real life. Hollywood somehow always makes everything seem a little too perfect and too good to be true. The weakness of the human spirit is that we crave that perfection when we think of love. Or at least, I seem to think so. It’s worse when you’re single and then you concoct all these ideals in your head, hoping for the perfect person to come around and sweep you off your silly feet.

But the truth is, there is no perfect person and no perfect love story. The dreamers want to live in an ideal world where life is like the movies. I am one of them, ironically. And often when I walk down the street with my headphones plugged in, I end up imagining that I’m a lead in a movie, turning heads as I pass. But the reality is, the English wind is very strong and so my hair flaps about, getting tangled, then slaps me hard in the face.

Oh well. At least I’ll go to bed happy tonight.