Here are some of the questions I get asked frequently.
Hope it helps clarify and clear things up.

When social media first gained prominence, unique usernames were a huge deal. After tinkering around with a few options, I found that “nise” rhymes with “miss” and so THEMISSNISE was born. Unfortunately, this isn’t the most exciting origin story but I was 15-years-old and had not quite figured myself out. Anyway, the name stuck and has since become my personal brand. So it worked out.

To put it plainly, Peranakans are the descendants of Chinese immigrants that came to British Malaya (now Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore). Common terms used to describe this group of people are Peranakan-Chinese or Straits-born Chinese; otherwise referred to as Baba Nyonya. Since the Peranakans have a long and, quite frankly, murky history, it’s best that you read more about it here. I’m no anthropologist but I tried my best to explain.

Over the years, my passion for photography has dwindled to me merely using my iPhone camera. I know, how lazy. But unless credited, the rest of my pictures and videos are taken with the iPhone 12, Olympus XZ-1, Olympus Pen EP-L7 or Nikon D5000.

When the time came for me to choose a major for university, I blanked out. On the advice of my family, I took on a law degree — and paid for the consequences of my actions. I wasn’t prepared for the pressure and despite trying to convince myself to qualify as a lawyer, I just could not put myself through all of that after graduating with a second class upper from The University of Sheffield. Upon my freedom, I made the switch to writing and the rest is history.

I’ve spent most of my career being a corporate minion. Some of my previous work includes fashion and lifestyle writing, corporate branding for an international Malaysian conglomerate and other freelance gigs for multinational companies. Currently, I am a writer for a Government-linked Company in the aviation industry. Life will throw you many curveballs so just be open to new adventures. If there’s an opportunity for growth, take it. Champion resilience so that you are able to learn and adapt. The experience will be so rewarding.

I started writing in 2007 on Blogger. It was common for everyone to have a blog at that time. But, while the hype died for most of my peers, this whole blogging thing kind of stuck with me. Finding that I had a flair for writing in college, I started to take a more creative approach to my work. However, during my time in law school, I took a hiatus for about a year because it was just too difficult to juggle this hobby while trying to graduate. Then on a day that I was literally losing my mind, I looked at WordPress and my instinct to write got really itchy. So in the midst of finals, I started and the rest is history. My original blog is no longer open to the public but if you would like to read the rambles of teenage Denise, then feel free to email me ([email protected]) and I’ll give you access to it. But they’re not very good, I must say. So don’t get your hopes up!